Top Quality Licensed Breeding Stallion by Jazz




Gorgeous and very modern dark bay Oldenburger breeding stallion 1996 by Jazz ca. 173 cm with exceptional qualities to pass on to his offspring!

This wonderful stallion has 2017 a breeding index by 119 and was a lot of years one of the most successful breeding sons of the Dutch top sire, Jazz! As he was younger and have had more mares he was a lot of years under the top 5 % of breeding list. His dam lines are among the very best in the Netherlands! He excelled at his stallion performance test with an outstanding dressage index above 120 points. Trained up to S level dressage, he retired from the sport scene three years ago to exclusively focus on his breeding career. He is a very uncomplicated, sweet-tempered stallion who knows paddock and pasture. Licensed for breeding in Oldenburg, Southern Germany and the Netherlands.

Here one from a stallion show to see by youtube . Video under the rider in younger years is by the link to see. Not used as dressage horse the last years. Only for breeding.

His offspring are licensed stallions, winner foals, finalist at the Bundeschampionship, elite/state premium mares and sport horse up to Grand Prix level!

A proven breeding stallion with exceptional qualities - elegance, modern looks and brilliant movements!

A dream for the success-oriented breeder!

Stallion is for his age in good condition and has very good semen.

Price class 10.000 - 15.000 Euro negotiable

Price not so important as the living place !!!

Located in East Germany

Inzerent:Quadriga Dressurpferde
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